Hey Bernanke, I Got Your Fortune Cookie By Accident

I believe this was actually meant for you, my friend.

This is all I would like to know... does the Fed realize how hilarious they are when they do things like this? It's almost as if they are doing it strictly for my entertainment.

Fed acronyms FTW! (thanks, Bernanke):

A key initiative developed under the leadership of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans has been the Mortgage Outreach and Research Effort, known as MORE. MORE involves all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors in a collaboration that pools resources and combines expertise to inform and engage policymakers, community organizations, financial institutions, and the public at large.

The Fed is particularly well suited to such an effort. Our community development experts are working on the ground to promote fair and equal access to banking services and improve communities. Further, Federal Reserve staff members are conducting empirical research on mortgage- and foreclosure-related topics, and are reaching out to industry experts as well. We are focusing on the hardest-hit cities and regions of the country.

A new publication released this week offers details about the MORE effort. Copies are available here today, and it is available online at the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The report identifies approaches the Fed has taken to mitigate the foreclosure crisis, and I'd like to share some highlights of that work.

No, please! Tell us more about the MORE effort. Bernanke proceeds to do just that but who is actually listening anymore?

Fuck! Doesn't anyone test out these ridiculous acronyms before embarrassing ourselves with them?! Surely the Fed has, oh I don't know, a PR person on staff to run this by before coming out a week before the QE2 load is dropped on all of us to see if MORE was actually the best bunch of letters to use.

Keep it up, people. Please. The Fed is particularly well suited to such an effort.

(p.s. the image on the cover page of the report is even more hilarious given the unfortunate choice of acronyms for our easy money, bubble-addicted central bank. Look how fucking happy these people are with their perpetual debt!)

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me Print MORE!

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