San Francisco Facing a Parking Ticket Shortage? Get Out Of Here!

No really, get out of here, or rather there. That's what I did and maybe that's why San Francisco is allegedly facing a parking ticket shortfall now that they don't have one Mazda in particular to ticket up. If you're keeping track at home, I was able to validate slightly higher rent here in the DC metro (for more space of course) than I was paying in San Francisco because I have the luxury of free, all day, every day parking in front of my house. Saving $200 a month in parking tickets means $200 I can put into the economy instead of directly into the hands of broke San Francisco City Hall. That's a win if you ask me.

I've often called the SFMTA (or DPTards if you're old school from before the DPT and Muni were one organization) a bunch of terrorists, or - if I'm feeling generous - blood-thirsty sharks who circle San Francisco streets looking for every opportunity to nickel and dime (er, $50 and $65) San Franciscans to death.

I owned a car on and off for about 6 years in the city and rode Muni for the rest of it. In 2003, street cleaning tickets cost more but in 2010 they became more frequent. Not just that, the DPTards seemed to take an unprecedented joy in dinging me for everything from nosing my front bumper too far into a faded red curb (most of the red curbs are actually hand-painted by property owners and therefore allegedly fair game, only SFMTA-authorized red curbs should be subject to ticketing but don't tell the DPTards that) to not having my wheels turned sharply enough into the curb on a hill. Twice!

Anyway, since I know better having been terrorized by these assholes non-stop since I got a car again earlier this year very nearly up until the day I left San Francisco for good, I find it hard to believe that the SFMTA is short on parking tickets. Obviously my leaving has impacted their quotas, and there's no way I'm the only San Franciscan who gave up and left town as a direct result of this mistreatment of the natives.

AP via The Examiner:
Parking scofflaws beware. San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency plans to hand out more tickets over the next few months to make up for less-than-expected revenue from parking citations.

Transit officials tell the San Francisco Examiner parking control officers have fallen short of ticket goals by $7.5 million since July 1, the start of the fiscal year.

So they'll be handing out more tickets to help the transit agency avoid ending the year with a deficit.

The citation shortfall is being attributed in part to parking officers being deployed to control traffic at special events and construction zones instead of monitoring for parking violations.

Transportation agency chief Nathaniel Ford says absenteeism and attrition among parking control officers is also to blame.

It's a joke. And one that I am grateful to say I have escaped from.

Come find me, fuckers!!

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chairmanben said...

SFMTA: The Fed has spare printing capacity...

njudah said...

I've always said that relying on fines from parking tickets as "revenue" is not only foolish - it's turning what should be a safety and law enforcement function (ie ticketing people causing problems, blocking a driveway, doubleparking ) into something far worse.

I want Muni to succeed, but not through dishonesty and tricks. Excessive fines and criminalization of anyone with a car is NOT THE WAY to fix Muni. It's just a way the politicians raise taxes without saying so. Epic FAIL, MTA!