San Francisco Lunacy: First Happy Meals, Now This

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 , , 10 Comments

What next, San Francisco? You've banned Styrofoam, cigarettes at Walgreens, plastic bags and now Happy Meals, what's left? Somehow crack cocaine and blowing guys in the back of trucks on Capp St is allowed and plastic bags - while banned at Walgreens and Safeway - still flow freely in Chinatown, and let's not forget the human excrement that still dots the pavement every few feet (unless they've somehow cleaned up the problem in the >month that I've been gone) but this next one takes the cake. Is San Francisco going to try and ban circumcision? Yeah, if this one asshat gets his way.

Lloyd Schofield - a foreskin crusader, as it were - needs 7000 signatures to get this on the ballot in front of San Francisco voters and the scary part is I think he might have some support in the land of Sodom, Gommorah and that guy Bruce who wears a cockring and not much else.

I believe the fine people of SF have forgotten that as adults, we should all be capable of making these decisions, more so when it comes to life-altering choices we make on behalf of our baby sons. I don't need the Board of Supervisors telling me what I can and cannot do within the realm of acceptable behavior and it's pathetic that someone would take an issue like this so far so as to seek to institute a citywide ban on circumcision punishable by $1000 fine and a year in the already over-crowded county jail. 

Sick. You're all a bunch of sick fucks and you need to remember that the reason you moved to free, do-what-you-want San Francisco in the first place was so that people could not tell you all how to live your lives, nor what to think, eat, drink, nor who to screw nor how you had to screw them. And this is what it comes down to? A nanny state where the all-seeing Board of Supervisors decides where you can shop (no Target within city limits, damnit! You'll buy overpriced panties at the boutiques like normal people!!), what you can eat, and whether or not you are allowed to carry home your groceries in a plastic bag?

Thank God I got out when I did, you people are insane.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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suki said...


W.C. Varones said...


Genital mutilation is illegal on baby girls. It's only a perverted cultural/religious fetish that we allow it on boys.


By the time one would be ready to make an informed choice on the matter, it's pretty much no choice at all.

If you get me.

W.C. Varones said...


Indeed. The same could be said for any number of barbaric things you could do to a baby.


Then when Mrs WCV cranks out baby boys, you are free to not chop their little baby penises.

I would think as a libertarian you would completely agree with my view on this. It is not for the state (or in this case, city) to decide given the fact that circumcision is widely accepted in our culture. Perverted cultural/religious fetish or not.

W.C. Varones said...


As a libertarian, I strive for moral and intellectual consistency.

Children's law is a complicated subject. When does the state have the right to tell families what to do? Very few libertarians would support legalized child molestation or post-birth abortions. What's OK then? Chinese Foot-binding? Mayan Forehead-boarding? African neck-stretching? Muslim clitoris removal?

No, I think the state has a legitimate duty to protect children from their sick parents sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Reading this thread is making my pee-pee hurt.

chairmanben said...

Sharks don't have eyelids!

Bet Bruce only cares he can "Whip It" good.

As someone who was circumcised at birth, I wish a law like this had been in effect then. I would still have my whole sex organ. Instead, I am restoring my foreskin to undo the damage from my circumcision. The more I restore, the more I realize how much I lost from being cut.


I'm sorry that you were traumatized by your experience but if this is where we're going with this, then we need to have that discussion on a national level and come to an understanding on it. I don't think it is for San Francisco to tell parents what they can or can't do to their infant sons when we are talking about a widely accepted "custom" in this country.

But that's just me. Ask me again in 11 years when my own son is old enough to tell me how HE feels about the choice I made when he was an infant.