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What is it about Alaska that inspires denial in its politicians. It's not enough, apparently, that Sarah Palin can't STFU. Pretty soon, she'll have been not governor for longer than she was governor. And now, Republican nominee Joe Miller can't seem to give up in his U.S. Senate bid. Despite having lost.

The Washington Post takes a look at his strange quest:
Never mind that the incumbent, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), has already declared that she made history by mounting the first successful write-in campaign for Senate in more than 50 years. Or that the Alaska Republican Party has called on Miller to "end his campaign in a dignified manner." Or that there is but a sliver of a chance he could win even if all his court challenges prove successful.

Miller, a tea party favorite who beat Murkoswki in the GOP primary, has alleged bias on the part of state officials as well as voter fraud, arguing that some of the ballots have suspiciously similar handwriting. He has attacked the state Division of Elections for accepting minor misspellings of Murkowski's name. He has complained that the hand-count of the write-in ballots started too early to give him enough time to train his volunteers to monitor the outcome.

And he has asked for a hand recount of all the ballots, saying the machine-counted votes that went largely for him should receive the same scrutiny - and potentially benefit of the doubt - as the write-in ones cast for Murkowski.
There seems to be some sort of all-about-me phenomenon at work. Palin, of course, is Exhibit A. Miller certainly demonstrates it, finding every bizarre potential reason to keep up his challenge. Even Murkowski couldn't give up and let the primary results stand.

Maybe they'll get back to paying attention to the people at some point. You know, before the next time they're looking for votes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, they sure are "duking it out", huh? They are just itching to become "Public Servants" ready to do the "work of the people", huh? Cui bono? Cui bono?

It's all about me
It's all about me
Oh can't you see?
It's all about me
Forget about thee
It's all about me