TLP: If the TSA Doesn't Get to Touch Leonardo DiCaprio's Junk, Do the Terrorists Win?

Sunday, November 21, 2010 , 6 Comments

tsa pat-down
Just in time for the bustle of Thanksgiving travel, airline pilots have gotten themselves exempted from the hassle of the security checks required of everyone else who gets on an airplane.

On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it would let uniformed airline pilots skip the screenings, reversing an earlier policy that everyone had to go through the screenings as part of the agency’s efforts to prevent terrorist attacks. Pilots who are traveling out of uniform or not on official business will still be subject to searches, the agency said.

The full-body scans and pat-downs being performed at a number of airports have angered travelers, many of whom said the searches were invasive and likened them to virtual strip searches. Passengers have also raised concerns about the long-term effect of radiation exposure from airport scanners.

The agency said pilots would still have to pass through a metal detector at airport checkpoints and present two photo identifications that would be verified against a flight crew database.

The government ruling comes after an extensive two-year lobbying campaign by unions and organizations representing airline pilots. The groups made the argument that because their members had already been through extensive background checks by federal law enforcement officials, there was no need for the added security searches.
Now not every pilot is as recognizable as the the now-retired Captain Sully, who supported the changes in pilot screening. So it's possible that impostors could slip through.

And if the rationale is that you're good to go if you've already passed a federal background check, you might as well grab your own junk and say a prayer (just not in Arabic, tyvm), airport security will be truly meaningless.

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chairmanben said...

"Noing" JDA would work screener duty to touch My Junk!

Wait, if I've been reading JDA correctly, I'm pretty sure your junk has been devalued to the point of being worthless.

elf2006real said...

Well the crew have to show ID as well, not just the uniform.

If the crew is in on it, they already have weapons and the means to do it.

Mind you, the invasive searches and scans should only be done on people who need the second look - in other words - profile.

Elf -

I have to agree that profiling is where we're headed. I listened to a report the other day on how the Israelis do it and a lot depends on, basically, sizing people up and looking for the overly sketchy ... asking innocuous questions and paying attention to how the questions are answered.

Maybe we're at that point. Even if it took groping to get us there.

Anonymous said...

Here's my solution to eliminating mischief on an airplane. Hand every passenger a taser on their way through the boarding gate. Dare anyone to misbehave. Hand in the taser at your destination. Those badasses with the box cutters would have faced a couple hundred really angry people.

profalbrecht said...

My junk gets touched seldom enough by others, that I'm actually looking forward to my next plane trip.