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lou dobbs
Maybe it's destiny. Maybe it's bad choices or unrealistic, ego-driven self-expectations. Or maybe some people are just meant to do one thing.

The former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs will host a daily program on the Fox Business Network starting early next year, the network said Wednesday.

Fox Business, a unit of the News Corporation, did not specify a time slot for the program, which will have its premiere in the first quarter of 2011.

Mr. Dobbs is an important addition for Fox Business, a three-year-old little brother of the Fox News Channel that has barely made a dent in the cable ratings landscape. The network said Mr. Dobbs had signed a multiyear deal, but did not specify the terms of it. Along with the daily show, he will appear on other Fox Business programs to “provide analysis and commentary on business news of the day,” the network said in a news release.
Even though this gets Dobbs back to doing what he's been good at, you have to think it's not quite what he thought he'd be doing when he left CNN. And some long-time fans are sure to be disappointed. Like Jr Deputy Accountant.

Goodbye and God Bless, Lou Dobbs (Oh Wait, You're Not Dead...):
Good luck, Lou, and I hope you figure out whatever it is you're trying to do. From one journalist to another, thank you. I'm not sure what the hell you're doing, exactly, but I'm here rooting for you to figure it out regardless. Whatever you do, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM FOX NEWS!

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