TLP: The Way She Complains, You'd Think She Actually Wrote It

Monday, November 22, 2010 , , 2 Comments

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Boo-fucking-hoo. Sarah Palin is so upset that parts of her latest "book" have gotten out ahead of the publication date that she's taken to some very miffed tweeting. And lawyered up.

When Sarah Palin found out that some Web sites had posted excerpts from advance copies of her new book, she took her lament to Twitter.

“The publishing world is LEAKING out-of-context excerpts of my book w/out my permission? Isn’t that illegal?” she wrote in a post on Thursday.

Gawker, which had posted more than a dozen pages of the forthcoming book, mocked her legal analysis.

But it turns out that for the time being, Gawker has been legally prohibited from publishing the material.

On Saturday, a federal judge told the media gossip blog it must take down the excerpts until a hearing on Nov. 30, according to a spokeswoman for HarperCollins, the book’s publisher, which sued Gawker on Friday. That means Gawker’s scoop is essentially squashed until after the book, “America by Heart,” is released on Tuesday.
Until the book comes out, the fun is in the media sideshow. Commenters on the NYT story seems to be auditioning for Gawker. "It's just amazing how much the left hates Palin. I can't wait until Bristol wins DWTS. The sound of liberal heads exploding will probably deafen most of the two coasts," said Washington Dame. Dwane Bivens counters: "$arah Palin complaining about folks taking things out of context? Um, what's the Alaskan term for 'chutzpah'?" And Schwartzy seems just plain disgusted, but has been paying attention to the news: "ugh, your kidding me? Another book by a ghost writer? Didn't we just get one of those from Bush?"

Oh, well. Palin peepers will just have to wait til Tuesday. And then stand in the bookstore and read it for free.

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elf2006real said...

Man you really lapse into conventional Hipsta wisdom on Ms Palin. They hate and fear "flyover" America. It's not just snobbery.

With good reason. They wronged us, they robbed us, they awakened us from slumber, AND WE ARE COMING FOR THE RULING CLASS.

And there's a good chance she may be President, all the character assassination attempts aside.

They were just as hysterical - believe me - about Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she wrote it. Just like GW Bush and BHO wrote theirs.