California Stoners Feed the Needy In Exchange For Weed

Only in California. Go, stoners!

A Soquel pot dispensary decided to run a food drive - with a twist. For every 4 cans of non-perishable food items donated by clients, the dispensary would offer one joint (up to 3 per client). We don't know if this was Mexican skunk or Green Crack or what (we'll leave that sort of investigative journalism to the professionals like, uh, the fine folks at the New York Times) but yay for these philanthropic potheads!

Via the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Granny Purps handed out 2,000 joints to dispensary clients and collected 11,000 pounds of food, a large contribution for a business of its size.

"We look at pounds donated per employee, and Granny Purps, with about eight employees, received the amount of donations that we'd expect a business with 30 to 40 employees to get," said Danny Keith, chief development and technology officer at Second Harvest.

OK so we have to know: did Granny Purps donate any brownies?

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