The Fed Goes Transparent: First Ever Live Webcast Edition

I hope my darlings forgive me for dropping off the face of the planet for the last few days, I had some very serious birthday business to attend to and assure all of you that I am back and better than ever now that I've successfully crossed into my 30s.

Anyway, in celebration of my return, our friends at the Federal Reserve are holding their first-ever live webcast this afternoon at 2:30 EST in which we get to see the central bank puzzle out new Dodd-Frank debit card rules intended to protect the poor, stupid consumer who needs Big Daddy Fed to swoop in and protect them.

This ought to be good. Update to follow after the show.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

That must have been one hell of a birthday bender, JDA. Glad you're back.

You only turn 30 once, right? ;)