Memo to WaPo: Oh, You Didn't Hear About the Printing Press Problems?


h/t Caleb

I find this hilarious. Not only was yours truly all over the story of the new $100 bill being delayed due to printing press problems (you can't make this stuff up, people) but so were other media outlets, albeit a few precious moments behind JDA. But I guess that wasn't enough for the Washington Post, who just now decided to get around to the story - two months after it was revealed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - and determined that the media just didn't care. The media didn't care?! Please! How hilarious is it that new $100 bills bearing the signature of Timmy the Tax Cheat were delayed because they broke the fucking press printing them?!


The "new Benjamins," as Geithner called them during an unveiling ceremony earlier this spring, were scheduled to begin circulating in February 2011. More than 1 billion of the $100 bills bearing Geithner's signature were printed, but they remain in storage at Bureau of Engraving and Printing vaults in Washington and Fort Worth, Texas, while officials determine how many have been rendered unusable.

Numerous government officials expressed confidence that the majority of the $100 bills bearing Geithner's signature will be found acceptable and eventually shipped to the Federal Reserve, which will put the money into circulation.

The Fed announced that the new bills had been placed on hold in early October, but the issue received scant notice until a CNBC report drew attention to the problem Monday.

See my October 1st BREAKING: Fed Delays Release of New $100 Bill Due To... Printing Press Problems! and please, PLEASE, get with it, WaPo. This is old news.

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Anonymous said...

What? They can't even print fake money right?

Ubu said...

Maybe we can outsource our currency printing to China?

chairmanben said...


NoKo's already printing Geithy Benjamin's. Kim Jong-Il should read JDA not WoPo!