TLP: Just This Once, I Swear

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 , , 4 Comments

politics as usual
That didn't take long.

The Washington Post:
After Francisco "Quico" Canseco beat Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-Tex.) as part of the Republican wave on Nov. 2, the tea party favorite declared: "It's going to be a new day in Washington."

Two weeks later, Canseco was in the heart of Washington for a $1,000-a-head fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club. The event--hosted by Reps. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) and Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.)--was aimed at paying off more than $1.1 million in campaign debts racked up by Canseco, much of it from his own pocket.

After winning election with an anti-Washington battle cry, Canseco and other incoming Republican freshmen have rapidly embraced the capital's culture of big-money fundraisers, according to new campaign-finance reports and other records.

Dozens of freshmen lawmakers have held receptions at Capitol Hill bistros and corporate townhouses in recent weeks, taking money from K Street lobbyists and other powerbrokers within days of their victories. Newly elected House members have raised at least $2 million since the election, according to preliminary Federal Election Commission records filed last week, and many more contributions have yet to be tallied.
OK, so this is not surprising. Politics takes money if you want to win. And it doesn't matter if you're an old school Democrat like Charlie Rangel, a Tea Party upstart like Rand Paul or a relative unknown like Quico Canseco.

The part that's incredible when you read stories like this is that voters get taken in, over and over. Wave after wave, from the post-Watergate Democrats to the Reaganauts to Blue Dogs and the Republican Revolution in '94. It's a rare case when someone comes to Congress vowing change and is able to resist the influence of the permanent political class.

Quico fell fast. Plenty more still have a chance.

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W.C. Varones said...

Doing a fundraiser doesn't mean he's flipped. That's just what you gotta do to win elections.

Just another snide, partisan hit piece from the WaPo. Funny how they never write stories like this about Democrats.

Watch how he votes instead.

W.C. Varones said...

The WaPo also pulls a little sleight-of-hand in mischaracterizing "running against Washington" as being about campaign finance rather than about big government.

Being against big government and working with lobbyists are not mutually exclusive, depending on what the lobbyists want. While most lobbyists are looking for pork or bailouts, there are some industries and organizations that just want to get Washington out of the way and restore free markets.

Pretty epic FAIL for the WaPo.

I saw this as an example of the danger politicians face when they try to be too dogmatic. There are those in the media who want to see everything in stark terms that they define, i.e., what does "running against Washington" mean? Well, take your pick.

And that's just what happened here. Clearly, were just waiting to see the invitations to fundraisers start circulating and pounce.

chairmanben said...

Once it ignites heres to Bernanke having the balls to detonate this intoxicated pile.

Firestarter! Twisted Animator!