TLP: Not Exactly the Kind of Role-Modeling That Demonstrates Rehabilitation

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obama threat
Who knows, maybe this is all about looking for a little something different for the holiday meal. Prison food being what it is, he could just be bored. But still.

AP via HuffPo:
A career burglar from Pennsylvania is accused of writing a prison letter in which he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and eat his flesh.

Secret Service agents say 32-year-old Gregory Dale Brockman also threatened first lady Michelle Obama and former President George W. Bush.

Brockman pleaded not guilty to the charges Thursday before a federal magistrate in Philadelphia. His public defender, Mara Meehan, declined to comment.

Prosecutors say Brockman told Secret Service agents that his anger stems from the U.S. involvement in Iraq. The agents say he also admired cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and other serial killers, and vowed to act on his threats if released.

Brockman, formerly of Lehighton, is serving 30 months for burglary and other crimes.
Dahmer? Really? I may have to check the details with my Milwaukee-born colleague, but I'm pretty sure Dahmer actually killed a bunch of motherfuckers. And then ate them. Not the kind of thing one typically jumps to from burglary. But, again, who knows?

At least Brockman is being non-partisan in his threats, targeting both Obama and Bush, although it's not clear if Bush was also supposed to be on the menu. People can be particular, especially around the holidays.

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