Verizon Prepares For Its Day In the iPhone Sun

Thursday, December 30, 2010 , , 2 Comments

Hey "stupid [Mac] rumor sites", @JohnnyDeath beat you all to it, there it is right there in plain old Verizon red and white.

Start beating off furiously at the very thought of it, Mac freaks, I'm waiting. And be sure to get it on video but don't try to email it to me until you're on my beautiful Verizon network because, well, we all know AT&T doesn't do data very well.

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Todd said...

Man, I am up for my two year upgrade in a couple of months. I cant wait! Verizon FTW!

Anonymous said...

i am thinking apple and apple ios are showing up there now currently because you can select ipad under the categories and then the os changes. i dont think that is a verizon letting the cat out of the bag. however, i do think it is coming.