We've Got To Make Sure The Kids Don't Have Access To The Big Scary Lying Internet

If net neutrality won't catch on among the unwashed masses, perhaps we can simply take the route where we cut them off when they're babies instead. Don't let our children roam free on the big scary Internet!

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should expand network neutrality rules to providers of broadband service to schools, libraries and other community institutions when it votes on new regulations next week, three Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives said.

Representatives Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Doris Matsui and Anna Eshoo, both of California, sent a letter to the FCC on Friday, saying it's "critically important" that schools, colleges and libraries are protected by net neutrality rules.
Quote of the entire century follows from Nevada Senator John Ensign and his crew of 28 anti-net neutrality friends to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski:
The Internet has flourished over the last 20 years because of, not despite, a lack of government control and involvement ... If the commission does adopt your plan to impose new regulations on the Internet, the cost of that action will be measured in investments forgone, innovations stifled, and most importantly, jobs lost. With America's economy in such a fragile state, the last thing the government needs to do is burden the private sector with more ill-advised regulatory red tape.
Our Internets Ourselves.

If they can't control the Internet that comes to your house (for those of you who can afford it), they'll simply start with the Internet they provide as a "convenience" to your children and free in libraries.

The tubes find this offensive. I speak for the entire unregulated, filthy, reckless lot of us.

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