What I'm Beating TLP With: 12/19/10

Sunday, December 19, 2010 0 Comments

beating tlp

Ticking Higher All Over There's something funny about these yields... shouldn't they be, oh, I don't know, lower? Yay global stimulus flop! (Financial Armageddon)

Kicking the Can Down the Road Required Reading today from John Mauldin on kicking the can so far down the road we've forgotten that we hit a dead end. (Investors Insight)

CHART SHOCK - The Real National Debt Is $202 Trillion You don't say? Damn that non-GAAP government fund accounting! (Daily Bail)

Why You Should Really Be Angry About Fannie/Freddie With an unlimited bailout promised by Tim Geithner and seemingly endless opportunity for dropping off shit loans at their doorstep, it's no wonder Fannie and Freddie get treated like the filthy whores they are. Are you angry yet? (The Big Picture)

That Slippery Slope Keeps On Tilting I think we slipped right off and landed smack dab in South Central hell. (The Silicon Graybeard)

The Fall of Greece: October 2010 If you are into a) chart porn and b) watching sovereign nations collapse before your eyes, you'll be into this. (Paper Economy)

A Preemptive Strike By Tools Of The Plutocracy When oh when can we get an admission of guilt from any of the guilty parties? (The Center Lane)

Slovak Politician Calls For Plan "B" To Ditch The Euro Leaving so soon, Slovakia? You just got here! (Prudent Investor)

Be good to your fruitcakes, kids.

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