Why Is Cyveillance Constantly Up My Ass?

 You're creeping me out!!

I would actually like an answer to this question. Can any of my fellow fringe financial bloggers help me out on that one?

Here's a big fat hint: they tend to show up most when I talk about the New York Fed, Goldman Sachs, and Timmy the Tax Cheat. Since the three tend to roam in a pack, it's hard to tell who actually pays Cyveillance to keep an eye on the chatter but my guess, based on what I can see (I saw what you did there), the NY Fed is the most likely client culprit. Maybe the New York Fed and the Goldman rats got a package deal for the Silver Fringe Blog Stalking Package.

Perhaps it's just innocent brand monitoring but I have to admit the name alone creeps me the hell out. I invite any of the many Cyveillance offices to get in touch if they have questions or need clarification, specifically on that bit about the Dudley/Dimon sex tape or how Lloyd Blankfein likes to get his balls rubbed by the fine folks at the NY Fed. I especially invite them to get in touch if they are, in fact, fans of my work locked in the sad world of stalking people on the Internet for a paycheck.


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W.C. Varones said...

Well, now they're going to have to fire their IT director and do their Dirty Fed opposition research from behind a proxy.

Shit, if they knew what they were doing they'd have been doing it from behind a proxy all this time.

Thanks, WCV, you just undid my paranoia, I can't possibly feel threatened by an Internet surveillance company that doesn't even know how to use Hide My Ass!