Zimbabwe Paves The Way: Paying Peanuts For Health Care

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Paying peanuts for health care isn't just a pipe dream, it's what they do in Zimbabwe. You know, Zimbabwe, the place where they actually had to put up signs saying not to flush their money down the toilet after you wiped your ass with it.

People lined up on the veranda of the American mission hospital here from miles around to barter for doctor visits and medicines, clutching scrawny chickens, squirming goats and buckets of maize. But mostly, they arrived with sacks of peanuts on their heads.

Chidamoyo Hospital Chapel that has been turned into a store room for peanuts and other bartered farm produce.

The hospital’s cavernous chapel is now filled with what looks like a giant sand dune of unshelled nuts. The hospital makes them into peanut butter that is mixed into patients’ breakfast porridge, spread on teatime snacks and melted into vegetables at dinnertime.

“We literally are providing medical services for peanuts!” exclaimed Kathy McCarty, a nurse from California who has run this rural hospital, 35 miles from the nearest tarred road, since 1981.
Does anyone else find it ironic that this is an American mission hospital?

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elf2006real said...

Der Rentenmark commen.

than again, so is civil war.

chairmanben said...

Only an NHS bureaucrat could design such an ironic rear entry sign.