The Cardiff Kook Endorses the Stop Zimbabwe Ben Movement

Monday, January 03, 2011 1 Comments

Cardiff Kook Opposes Monetization and Debasement
'Even Grommets know that printing to finance deficits of 10% of GDP is insane.'

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA, Calif.— The nationally known and locally beloved "Cardiff Kook" shocked the financial world today when he ventured from his usual topics of surfing, ballet, and interior decorating to condemn Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's debasing of the currency.

The Kook, last profiled in the Wall Street Journal in August, admitted he had little interest in open market operations until the most recent two Fed chairmen's reckless policies destroyed the economy. “All I wanted to do was develop fabulous dance moves that could be performed on a surfboard,” Mr. Kook noted. “Then my parents lost their house in Greenspan's bubble, and my Grandma's eating Alpo and heating her house by burning phone books thanks to Bernanke's food and energy inflation. Somebody's got to stand up to stop the madness, and I'm proud to join to help get the word out.”

(h/t WC Varones, who obviously had absolutely nothing to do with any of this)

The movement has hit San Diego! Has it hit you yet?

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Anonymous said...

lame article...The Cardiff Kook is awesome, not just the statue but the website...whomever wrote this is a complete idiot. Disclaimer noted.