The Great (?) DC Snowstorm

If you're wondering why JDA has been somewhat silent for the last few days it's not because the black helicopters finally showed up and silenced me (Bernanke wishes) but due to the few inches of wet snow that snarled DC traffic and left a big chunk of the area completely black for days. And no, I don't mean that kind of black, we already have that going in my county in a big way (yay wealthy black people sticking it to the man... who they happen to work for...).

As of this writing, we still have no power. Big ole gangsta that I am, I tried to tough it out. Most of the city had power so there was warm "food" to be had and, best of all, we got the generator going so I had Fallout 3 and cold beers stashed outside in the snow to go with my scented candles and BlackBerry car charger. Pepco (our utility, who we will discuss momentarily) updated us saying crews were working "round the clock" to restore power, which was lovely and all but seeing as how we went black at 8:30pm on Wednesday night, I just couldn't imagine why it took them so long to stop by and fix it and it wasn't getting any warmer in the house. I mean, doesn't this snow thing happen a lot in this part of the country? I stuck around thinking it couldn't take more than a few hours. Those hours turned into days and by then my stubbornness told me I couldn't leave now, I'd come too far.

At around 5 this evening, I sat huddled in my La-Z-Boy (no, not that lazy boy) with my elderly, half-frozen cat picking away at Capital Wasteland mutants and wondered what roasted elderly cat would taste like. I realized it just wasn't reasonable to wait around for these Pepco assholes to get their shit together, especially considering the note they left up on their website that they couldn't even keep their outage map from going out. I was almost too cold to appreciate the irony then but now that kitty and I are safely hidden away in a warm Virginia hotel room for the night, we can laugh. So can you, peep:

Hilarious, isn't it?

Good little citizen that I am, I called them this evening to report that we still didn't have power and was quickly shut down by Pepco Operator #25673, who seemed annoyed that I was bothering her. I was tempted to launch into "Listen, asshole, you aren't the one that's dirty, starving and freezing to death in your fucking hou....." but by that point I was clean, fed and toasty in my hotel room so fuck it, let some other sucker sitting in their cold dark house bitch.

Upside? I caught up on a week's worth of Washington Posts and, surprise, found quite a bit of coverage about our little storm. Like this little gem:

Pepco did not call for major reinforcements to help restore power to its customers until late Wednesday night, well into the storm and several hours after Baltimore Gas and Electric had begun assembling outside contractors for help.

Similarly, Dominion Virginia Power began moving its own crews from southeastern Virginia and North Carolina closer to Northern Virginia as early as Tuesday, anticipating weather problems. As a result, it has called in only about 200 outside workers for additional help, a spokeswoman said.

BGE had arranged for about 400 extra workers by about 5 p.m. Wednesday, according to its spokesman. Pepco didn't ask for mutual aid until an 8:30 p.m. conference call among mid-Atlantic region utilities - a call arranged by BGE, both companies said.

Oh, you mean like 8:30pm when the fucking lights went out?

Fail, Pepco, fail. And guess what? This isn't the first time.

Guess who is writing an angry, expletive-free letter to the governor and the Maryland Public Service Commission and whomever else cares to listen? Don't think I can't find a few plugs and some WiFi next time, fuckheads.

Note to self: get a universal laptop charger for the car.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're OK JDA. Just in case you were wondering, fried cat tastes a bit like chicken (so I've been told).

chairmanben said...

Good decision.

Chairmanben checked with Janet, who does not does recommend eating old pussy.

W.C. Varones said...

Sheila and Suze do though.

W.C. Varones said...

Chairman Ben,

You star in my new music video.

chairmanben said...

W.C. Varones,

Pundits and folk singers don't worry me.

SAM missiles at the helicopter do.

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