Jr Deputy Accountant and Going Concern Chosen as Top 50 Fantastic Accounting Blogs

Monday, January 10, 2011 , , 7 Comments

It makes putting up with my editor's shit all that much more rewarding to know our hard work is appreciated.

Check it out, JDA made the list and Going Concern - where I've had a near daily column practically since the inception of the site in August of 2009 - made top 5, with my Making CPA Exam Resolutions in 2011 post listed as a favorite:

Going Concern: This extremely professional and comprehensive accounting news blog boasts a more flirtatious side to its finances as well. As "an online tabloid covering the worlds of accounting and business finance," readers here will really flip for the juicy yet judicious coverage on offer here. Those looking to beef up their skills for a CPA exam will find special features appearing regularly, and the writers do a lot to dote on news about the Big Four.

* Why We Love It: A great accounting news site that manages to cover the industry with a chill yet professional finish.
* Favorite Post: Making CPA Resolutions for 2011

Hey, we aren't here to nit-pick so we'll let the whole "extremely professional" compliment fly.

JDA warrants an honorable mention:

Jr. Deputy Accountant: Looking for incisive and exciting writing in the sometimes boring accounting world? Read this site, claimed as "DC's most offensive financial writer."

Other notable mentions include JDA favorites The Exuberant Accountant, Re:The Auditors and Accounting Elf among others.

Warms my little Fedbashing heart!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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When does this blog get a "Like" button for shit like this?

Really, I'm just relieved that the site hasn't been irreparably damaged in the last year.


Congratulations!! I also appreciate the shout out about my blog, but I missed where this list is published.



Whoops, forgot the link :P

Fixed, it's available <a href="http://www.onlineaccountingdegree.org/best-accounting-blogs>here</a>.

Paul Beare said...

Going Concern is a great blog! Thanks for the post JDA.


Thank you...I had not seen that before.

Cool to make the top five!

pinky swear said...


Congrats! Wait 'til they get a load of the pix of The Ben Bernank and the yak....you'll be top of the world for 2011!