Kansas City Fed's Hoenig Hopes He's Wrong (But We Know He's Not)

Monday, January 24, 2011 , 0 Comments

Kansas City Fed President Tom Hoenig and JDA have a lot in common believe it or not: we're both known shit-disturbers, dedicated to a sense of "right" that forces us to go against the grain even when that means isolating ourselves from the status quo. A lot. We're both polite Midwesterners, which makes us stubborn but kind and reasonable most of the time unless you mess with us. And people tend to pronounce our names wrong but that's where we're different because I'll correct someone in a second and hold it against them for the remainder of our association for being too lazy to come out and ask instead of bumbling it from the gate.

Oh and we both hope we're wrong when it comes to the doomsaying but, sadly, we're probably both right. Too right.

Also, I don't regulate any Too Big to Fail banks either.

Check out Mark Davis' profile of the soon-to-be-retired lone dissenter via the Kansas City Star for more teary-eyed nostalgia on his way out.

Psst, TH, it's not too late to repent.

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