A New WikiLeaks Whistleblower: Bitter, Party of One

I am all for hot inside action but when it is done in obvious retaliation, I question the validity (not to mention awesomeness) of said hot inside action.

Via Bloomberg:

WikiLeaks plans to release data on about 2,000 cross-border bank accounts provided by a former Julius Baer Group Ltd. employee, who says they may have been set up to evade taxes.

Rudolf Elmer, who was dismissed as chief operating officer by Julius Baer Bank & Trust Company Ltd. in the Cayman Islands in December 2002, handed over the information today, including data on 40 politicians, to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“There will be a full revelation,” Assange told reporters today in London, adding that the data will take at least two weeks to check and disseminate. Elmer “is a whistleblower and he has important things to say,” he said.

As with all tumultuous relationships, there is a second side. Julius Baer says old Rudy is bitter, claiming he "embarked in 2004 on a personal intimidation campaign and vendetta" against his former employer.

So should we be surprised that Assange was ready with a shoulder for him to cry on?

Please. As if we actually thought offshore bank accounts were a legitimate way to store legitimate money. Why do you think "Caribbean Banking Centers" own so many Treasurys? We forget, of course, that offshore banking is totally legal within limits and therefore we, good citizens of the Earth, would do well not to demonize the concept, especially when the government of the good old USSA is getting a tad out of control and scaring away all the good capital.

Please don't tell me this is the stunning banking revelation Assange has been threatening to drop for weeks now. If so, I'm over it already.

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Anonymous said...

Seem to me that the author of this article needs to get his facts right because most people already know that the dirt wikileaks has on banks is against BoA and this new data just adds to the list.

May i remind everyone that it is the banks that have been ripping us off and not wikileaks that is doing a very good job of bringing this to the publics attension