Prince George's County Council Gets Fancy on the Taxpayer Dime

h/t Mark S

My hometown politicos are a bunch of jackasses. Just goes to show corruption is everywhere and not at all limited to the San Francisco I escaped as a direct result of this sort of behavior.

Via the Washington Examiner:

The Prince George's County Council is spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a two-night retreat on the Eastern Shore this week.

Ingrid Turner, chairwoman of the County Council, said she chose to spend more money on this year's retreat, even as the county faces a $77 million shortfall next fiscal year, to help council members avoid distractions.

"We wanted to be able to focus," she explained, "and if you get far enough away where you're not getting the day-to-day calls, you can really focus and concentrate."

Hey dumbass, how about trying a Motel 6 with no phone and Internet connection instead?

Let me tell you a story, dear reader. When I left San Francisco a few months ago, I did so because I was sick of being $50 and $100'd to death by broke ass City Hall who saw me (and especially my vehicle) as a piggy bank there for their looting.

When I moved, I neglected to change my Verizon billing address right away and was shocked when a $10 tax charge suddenly appeared on my bill. It was a county fee, Verizon told me, and they didn't know what it was nor could they do anything about it because it was a tax issue. $10! Fuck you, San Francisco! I immediately changed my billing address and hoped I'd never get such a shock again in my life.

So you can imagine the shriek I let out when I checked my next bill a month later and found a $15 fee from Maryland and Prince George's County. $15! Fuck you, Prince George's! What's this bullshit?

Well obviously they had a retreat to pay for. Fuckers.

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Memememe said...

Better than a Motel 6 -- how about canceling your fucking "retreat" altogether, PG Canny dumbasses?

Ubu said...

Try the local library, I'm sure that's completely empty--except for the mentally ill homeless living in the bathrooms, but that goes without saying.