The San Francisco Fed Does Social Media... Right!

Fed Twitter accounts are, um, a tad disappointing to say the least. They generally don't react, only follow each other and many of them spew out a constant stream of narcissistic garbage about their district. They're obviously missing the "social" in "social media" but seeing as how they've got to keep the unwashed masses at bay, it makes sense that they would be a bit conservative in what they put out there.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up on seeing TwitPic-ed Kansas City Fed holiday party pictures featuring Tom Hoenig with a lampshade on his head but I'm not holding my breath either.

That being said, I have to give San Francisco Fed props for (gasp!) doing it right. Yes, I said it. San Francisco Fed has figured it out better than any of the other Fed banks, even if they were a little late to the game.

Check it out: @SFFedReserve follows 208 people, way more than any of the other regional bank accounts which might follow 20 or 30, most of which are other Fed banks or monetary authorities. Here's a hint to the other banks: people like it when you follow them back. It shows your commitment to the conversation instead of a one-sided narcissism that relies simply on your delusional belief that what you have to say is all that matters. The only people that might be interested in Twitter feeds like that are the media but is that who you're trying to reach? Trust me, we already know better ways to find your news than via Twitter if that's the case.

In stark contrast, Dallas Fed follows 21: the US Mint, US Currency (ha! go figure!) and all the other Fed banks. Way to spice it up, Dallas, you disappoint me.

Best of all, the cute little social media newbies at SF Fed actually @ people back, like this residential real estate reporter introducing herself to the crew. While JDA might have better ideas for getting to her least favorite Fed bank, I have to admit I was impressed by SF Fed's attempt to actively engage.

I may rag on SF Fed for a lot of things but their social media ineptitude will not be one of them.

Great job, guys! I can now proudly wear the L12 on my wrist without being completely embarrassed. It's about damn time.

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