San Francisco's Parking Ticket Deficit

$200 a month in parking tickets was enough to scare me away (after the crackheads, human feces on the sidewalk and gawking European tourists somehow didn't manage to do it) but apparently San Francisco is missing that monthly windfall.

We knew it was coming but it's official, the Parking Gestapo will be circling San Francisco blocks in full force to make up for the city's money problems. Hey, at least they are being transparent about it. Anyone who has had the audacity to own a car in the city and attempt to park it on the street knows that you are expected to pay your curb protection money to the thugs at City Hall and anyone who has been so bold as to attempt to park in the last year or so knows that the sharks are out and constantly stalking the streets for the scent of blood or the lack of a residential parking permit.

Via the Chronicle's City Insider:

The agency budgeted about $99 million for parking citation revenue this year but projections have been falling short due to a decline in the number of tickets issued. In response, officials will look at redeploying the parking cops so they're working the times and locations ''to bring in the most revenue for the agency and the city,'' agency spokesman Paul Rose said.

Overall, the agency is down $11.6 million in anticipated revenue and up $9.6 million in anticipated expenses.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who actually parks in San Francisco. As I said above, getting terrorized by the parking cops has been a tradition for San Francisco drivers as long as I can remember and it's only gotten worse since Muni and the DPW merged and the city admitted it was broke.

Curb your wheels, people!

Here's a suggestion for the fine people of San Francisco: get thee to the party shop, load up on those sticks of cheerleading chalk and write "FUCK THE SFMTA" on the back of your vehicle in big drippy letters. Report each and every red curb you see that isn't painted by the city (which is likely 70 - 85% of red curbs in the city, the same red curbs that are illegal to park against) and demand the city do something about the problem of homeowners taking curb painting into their own hands. Of course we all know they won't do anything because those DIY red curbs are a paycheck to the pathetic SFMTA but don't tell them that.

Oh wait, they just told us that. Nevermind.

Hasn't California fallen into the ocean yet?

Once again I welcome the Parking Gestapo to come find me, bitches. 3000 miles away should be sufficient to escape their wrath... the fact that I haven't gotten a parking ticket in months pretty much seals it.

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