Sometimes It's Best to STFU (Ask Krugman)

When it comes to media silence, Scott Kurashige and I share an opinion. That being said, we also agree that some people are better off just keeping their mouths shut (via HuffPo):
Harsh realities and tough choices lie ahead. But readers of the NYT op-ed page would never suspect this. You can read pontifications about Michelle Bachmann and the First Lady's clothes. Yet, you won't find anything about one of the most game-changing events in our lifetimes and how it has thrown U.S. foreign policy into a state of disarray.

To be fair, the paper's reporting has been decent, though largely tailing the work of Al Jazeera. And a couple NYT editorials have criticized Mubarak, though these have largely echoed the tepid line of the U.S. administration by comparison with the Washington Post's call for the U.S. to break with his regime immediately.

Even the blog section of the NYT, where one would hope to find more timely dialogue, is less than buzzing. Paul Krugman sums it up well: "Egypt: I don't know anything, have no expertise, haven't even ever looked at the economic situation. Hence, no posting." Maybe Krugman could write about the consequences of his own ignorance and how badly that limits his analysis of global economics and politics.
That's not just what Krugman summed up, that's all he had to say in an entire column.

He didn't want to hear what you had to say about it, either, as comments were turned off.

(Later, you can see Krugman try to declare Bernanke and Co. innocent of the crime of destroying the world economy and thereby shredding the social contract)

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Anonymous said...

Krugman chooses to think before writing about a subject and you use that as an opportunity to take a cheap shot. Both actions speak volumes about the character of you and Mr. Krugman.

Yes, anon, Krugman thinks long and hard about how best he can embarrass the art of economics, express his beliefs in crackpot theories that can't possibly work in the wild and advance his puppeteers' agenda.

I'll stick with my method, thanks.

As the lazy one around here, let me just say that Krugman is exhibiting even more laziness than me to toss off the developments in Egypt that cavalierly ...

Do a little more work and learn something, then say what you want to say. Or don't say anything at all about it. In other words, uh, STFU.