TLP: Happy New Year from Apple! Give or Take a Day or Two.

Monday, January 03, 2011 , , 0 Comments

iphone alarm
Good morning, iPhone nerds! Actually, if this does wake you up, we here at Jr Deputy Accountant need to start hitting you with a data surcharge for the service. Otherwise, you can take your chances with what you've got.

The new year may be off to a bumpy start for some iPhone users due to a problem with the iPhone's alarm.

As the Daily Mail reports, "The iPhone's non-recurring alarms stopped working for a staggering two days after the clocks struck midnight to usher in 2011. Instead, thousands of smart phone owners got a surprise lie-in and many were forced to blame the glitch for being late for work."

Apple has told Engadget that it is aware of the iPhone alarm glitch. "We're aware of an issue related to non repeating alarms set for January 1 or 2. Customers can set recurring alarms for those dates and all alarms will work properly beginning January 3," the Apple spokesperson said.
Well, here we are. January 3. How's that working out?

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