TLP: Jerry Brown Saving Some California State Workers from Brain Cancer

Saturday, January 15, 2011 , , 3 Comments

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You have to give Jerry Brown credit for taking this austerity business seriously. Either that or he's still living in the '70s.

In his first executive order as governor, Democrat Jerry Brown ordered state employees to return some 48,000 cell phones paid for by the state as part of his long-promised austerity measures to save California money as it grapples with a yawning budget deficit.

Mr. Brown, who returns to the governor’s office after a 28-year hiatus, ordered his agency heads to collect the phones — amounting to half of the 96,000 California currently pays for — by June 1. He estimates the move will save the state $20 million annually. “It is difficult for me to believe that 40% of all state employees must be equipped with taxpayer-funded cellphones,” Mr. Brown said in a release announcing the move. “The current number of phones out there is astonishing.”
The really astonishing thing is the expectation that government employees answer the phone, cellular or land-line. Wasn't it supposed to be more efficient for the "automated menu to assist you" with whatever you needed government to do for you? Guess that didn't work out so well in practical application, either.

OK, so maybe it's unfair to suggest that Brown doesn't see the usefulness of cell phones. But he'd better make some provision for weaning these state workers from their mobile binkies. What does he expect them to do, use a payphone?

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chairmanben said...

Good for Jerry, run a tight ship like the Fed.

Chairman Ben - I thought I'd read something about the tightness of your ship.

Now if Jerry could just turn IOUs into Treasurys ...

beebs said...

What about all the govt vehicles "they" get to use?

Tons of fraud there.