TLP: Mail Doesn't Really Matter Anymore, Postal Service Just Wants to Sell Stamps

Monday, January 03, 2011 , , 4 Comments

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The Postal Service is worse than broke, can't seem to keep a regular delivery schedule and is due for an ass-whipping from the Republicans. And since the last request for a rate increase was rejected, maybe the answer is to just print more stamps and sell them to collectors. Whatever the price actually is.

About 70 new stamp designs that the United States Postal Service plans to issue this year will commemorate familiar themes and subjects: famous people, historic events, America’s cultural heritage and holidays. But in a twist, nearly every new first-class stamp will bear the word “Forever” in place of a monetary denomination, and will remain valid regardless of any price increases.

President Ronald Reagan, former Representative Barbara Jordan, the actor Gregory Peck and the singer Selena are all due to be honored on stamps in 2011, along with the Lunar New Year, the Indianapolis 500, jazz music, American industrial designers and the 150th anniversaries of Kansas’ statehood and the outbreak of the Civil War.

The volume of first-class mail has declined precipitously in recent years, but collecting stamps is still big business.

The Postal Service reported delivering 170 billion pieces of mail in the year ending Sept. 30, down from 202 billion two years earlier. It also reported a net loss of $8.5 billion. But the sale of stamps to collectors brought in an estimated $300 million last year, said Roy A. Betts, a Postal Service spokesman. In 2005, collectors bought about $200 million worth of stamps.
Who knows, maybe they can print their way out of this mess. It seems to be an idea that's popular in Washington. And if anyone wants to slap one on a letter, maybe that will work, too.

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Anonymous said...

What next, a "stamp bubble"?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, don't get your shorts in a bind over 44c !! Nobody is forceing stamp collectors to buy stamps. Stamps happen to be one of the few collectables that are never worth less than what you paid for them at the Post Office. Ever try to sell a Franklin Mint Plate for what you paid it for? Michael Jackson stamps? Or some of those "limited edition" collectables sold on late night TV ???


Forgive the Paperboy, he gets his shorts in a bind over just about anything.

AND WHAT THE FUCK! Are you telling me those collectible World Trade Center coins I bought for $29.95 at 3 in the morning are WORTHLESS?!?!?!

Anon, That's the exact point I'm making. Stamps are worth something and the USPS may finally be acknowledging that it actually can make some money with collectors, since no one wants to buy them for mail.

As for you, JDA, we can discuss my shorts offline.