TLP: Maybe Baby Needs New Shoes

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Some things aren't worth the trouble of figuring out.

Two of the most remarkable developments during the 2010 congressional elections were the sudden rise of Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell and the millions of dollars spent on political advertisements by newly created independent campaign groups.

Now, those two forces are combining. Ms. O’Donnell is establishing an independent political group that will allow her to spend unlimited amounts of money on behalf of other Republican candidates.

Newly available documents from the Federal Election Commission show that one of Ms. O’Donnell’s close political advisers filed paperwork to set up a new political entity for Ms. O’Donnell called ChristinePAC.

Under new campaign-finance rules, Ms. O’Donnell can use the new political action committee to raise unlimited sums of money to run television ads or send political mailings to help Republican candidates win. But election rules bar the new organization from donating money to candidates.
What about rent, wardrobe, groceries, employing people who look like you? What do the rules say about all of that? Or better, what do her "close political advisers" tell her the rules say?

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