TLP: Rules Are For Suckers

Saturday, January 08, 2011 , 3 Comments

Typical. The WSJ posts a story about how the U.S. House dealt with two slacker congressman who skipped taking their oaths of office to go to a reception and some asshat tries to deflect the stupidity with more stupidity.

WSJ Washington Wire:
The House has the power to rewrite history – at least its own.

Members voted Friday to wipe the record clean of votes that Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Pete Sessions of Texas cast this week without being properly sworn in as members of the 112th Congress.

Both Republicans missed the official swearing ceremony on Wednesday because they were attending a reception in the Capitol Visitor Center for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s constituents from Bucks County, Pa. The guidebook for House procedures, written by Thomas Jefferson, says all members need to be in the “proximity” of the speaker when they take their oath. By leaving the House chamber, Messrs. Fitzpatrick and Sessions technically rendered invalid speeches they made or bills they introduced or co-sponsored later in the week.

The pair took their formal oaths of office Thursday. And on Friday, the House voted to amend the official records. Lawmakers passed a resolution that invalidated any votes either cast before being officially sworn in, including ratifying the new rules of operation for the House. But the resolution allowed the lawmakers to maintain their sponsorship of bills and any other official acts.
To that, "Eye on the ball" comments: "When is Maxine Waters going to be tried? Has the Rangel sentence been executed?" Like the questionably sleazy actions of those two Democrats have anything to do with two arrogant Republican pricks going off to do what they wanted and taking their oaths by teevee. From here, it looks like disregard for the institution is delightfully non-partisan.

Even better, the WSJ reports, was that when the vote was taken to fix the record, Fitzpatrick and Sessions voted, "present." Hey, it's a start.

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Anonymous said...

In my backward little city, the City Council used to call absent members on the telephone when their votes were needed. Funny as hell-they'd just call during the meeting and put 'em on the speaker for a vote. I always wondered how many were voting naked from a hotel room-or worse. Rules are for fools.

Love it. And where was the city lawyer when this was going on? Naked in a hotel room with a council member?

Anonymous said...

Yup. You have to make your own entertainment in a small town.

Embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed were the words Fremont County Attorney Ed Newell used Friday following a press conference during which Riverton Mayor John Vincent accused Newell of sending pictures of nude women from his office computer to an employee at City Hall.

Vincent said about 150 images of nude women, one identified as a city worker and one a county government employee, were discovered on city computers received by e-mail from October to January.

Vincent implied several were sent by Newell, and cited in particular one of a nude woman "working with a hula hoop" that was received on Oct. 13 from Newell's e-mail account.

Newell, who was contacted by phone after the press conference, said he neither recalled nor denied seeing the "hula hoop" photo.

Newell did say he remembers receiving three to four e-mails from a city employee of a nude woman he was told by the sender was his co-worker. She could not be identified positively, he said, because her head was cropped off the picture.