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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 , 4 Comments

starbucks trenta
Now that they've dropped "coffee" from the company name and the company name from the logo, there's no telling what's next at Starbucks. Well, we know one thing that's coming: bigger drinks.

Reuters foams this one up:
Starbucks Corp will roll out its biggest drink size yet — the 31-ounce "Trenta" — in all of its U.S. coffee shops by May 3, the company said on Sunday

The new size will be available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks in the United States. The Trenta is 7 ounces larger than Starbucks' "Venti" cup for iced drinks, which currently is its largest size on offer.

Drinks in the Trenta size will cost 50 cents more than similar Venti-sized iced drinks, the company said.

Seattle-based Starbucks tested the new size in several U.S. markets last year, saying it was responding to customer demand for larger cold beverages.

The Trenta size will debut in 14 states, including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Hawaii and Arizona, on January 18 and in California on February 1.
Hey, it is January 18! Those of you demanding larger cold drinks in 14 lucky states, you can line up today. Starbucks is "responding" to you. Everyone else, except you California loners, will have to make do with smaller cold drinks until May.

You have to figure that the take on the Trenta drinks will far exceed whatever the extra cost is for the bigger size, whatever the fuck they say about "customer demand" for more. Now, I'm not one to say no to more, but at some point, the drinks at Starbucks will get so big and so caffeinated that no one will be able to finish one without taking a leak first.

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chairmanben said...

Trenta when its my turn to buy koffee at the Fed meeting.

Trenta / X Fed Governors - (Tall x X Fed Governors) = Ben Savings

Are you sure you're not Barista Ben?

Anonymous said...

Cool, another useless blog summarizing the same stupid article that five thousand other useless blogs summarized in nearly identical ways!

Cool. Another useless asshat who somehow has time to read and comment on the same article over and over and over and over ...

Oh, and have a cup of iced shut the fuck up. Free today. Just for you.