TLP: We Have No Idea What You Are Talking About

o novel
Don't even bother asking. We're not telling. Not even if we get the question from The New York Times:
The publisher of “O,” an anonymously written novel about a 2012 presidential campaign, made a brazen request of journalists and other writers in an e-mail on Tuesday: if anyone asks whether you are the author, please decline to comment.

Not everyone complied.

“I didn’t write it,” said Joe Klein, the author of “Primary Colors,” who was reached at his office in Washington as copies of the book, to be published by Simon & Schuster next week, began to trickle out. “But if I had written it, I would be saying I didn’t write it.”

The publisher has whipped up interest in the novel with a heavy-handed marketing campaign that plays up the book’s similarities to “Primary Colors,” a smash hit whose anonymous author (later revealed to be Mr. Klein) riveted Washington for months.

“O,” a 353-page novel whose author “has been in the room with Barack Obama and wishes to remain anonymous,” according to the publisher, has been the subject of a Washington guessing game for weeks over who wrote the book.
What does that mean anyway? " ... been in the room ..." Are we talking about the Oval Office? A Harvard classroom? The Senate chamber? A restaurant? United Center? And who does that rule in or out?

Speculate all you want. Just remember that Jr Deputy Accountant has a day job and another day job. Plus, Fedbashing is hard work. But she is very industrious. As for The Lazy Paperboy, well, doesn't the name sort of answer the question right there?

Or does it?

The Lazy Paperboy

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