To All 100,000,000,000,000 CMKM Shareholders, the Check's in the Mail!

First off, if you haven't read about the ridiculousness that is CMKM, here's your background. Apparently the New York Times is not a reliable source of news - if you believe the forums on which jilted CMKM shareholders hang out waiting to recoup their pennies - and I am but a part of the conspiracy for assuming Floyd Norris knows what he is doing. Shame on me.

But let's forget about that and focus on the payout - according to a known CMKM troll who sends along all kinds of good news, the check is in the mail as of December 31st. Which means you'd think at least a couple of CMKM's "tens of billions" of shareholders should have gotten something by now.

No really, the check's in the mail we swear. Let's do the math... shareholders are supposed to get .80 a share initially and might expect $5 - $7 a share in the second payoff, which can only happen if they get the first one and, well, they still haven't. Surprise! With an estimated 10 billion shares or more out there (no one knows), we're obviously talking about $50 - $70 billion, which CMKM doesn't really have. I guess there's always the "trust" that holds the trillions owed to shareholders from the SEC or whatever it is they believe. The actual number of shareholders could be closer to 700 billion, with trillions of "counterfeit" stock allegedly out there floating around as well. Is this for real?

It isn't enough that anyone who invested in this believed that their penny investment would miraculously turn into 54 cents (that's a 5400% return, what a steal!!), they needed a vigilante lawyer to "sniff out the rats", of them our very own government. Listen, I know they are rats but even I have a hard time buying this conspiracy.

Enter Bill “Bulldog” Frizzell, unknown small-town attorney from Tyler, Texas, with a drawl so thick you could step in it. He, and his best friend, John Martin, both shareholders themselves, smelled a rat. Not that the rat reek was THAT hard to detect, but this rat had a system of tunnels so deep in the bowels of the stock market, the traces almost dissipated before you could identify them.

During their ensuing investigation, Frizzell and Martin, with help from the aforementioned DDers, uncovered a labyrinth of organized crime and stock fraud that threatened to literally undermine the American economy. They also discovered that certain U.S. government organizations, charged with the protection of the American people, were aware of the intricacies and extent of the fraud and were not just turning away from their responsibilities but were actively involved in denying it’s [sic] existence. They learned that counterfeit stock is now, and has been for decades, being sold to hapless Americans under the very noses of these government agencies, who are currently engaged in protecting the criminals instead.

For two years behind the scenes, Frizzell and Martin dug into this sewer pit and, tens of thousands of legal documents later, have finally identified the perpetrators and gathered enough evidence to proceed legally. The first two, John Edwards, a virtually silent partner, and Dave Desormeau, former CFO, are subjects of a suit that, Frizzell states, proves they manipulated CMKM stock by creating and selling nonexistent shares to the tune of millions of dollars in illegal gains and resulting in the subsequent loss of market trading privileges for the company and value for the shareholders.

Edwards and Desormeau are only the beginning. “Bulldog” Frizzell intends to go after all the thieves who siphoned value from the company, return the assets to their rightful owners, and restore the company’s value. The current CMKM CEO, Kevin West, has assured the company’s full backing and support by hiring Frizzell’s law firm to represent the company itself. Those shareholders who decided against all logic to hold on to their shares may eventually see their stock returned to the market backed by genuine value, not because of a nonexistent sting operation, but because an unknown small-town thick-accented lawyer refused to quit in the face of almost overwhelming governmental barriers.

But what's this? No word of an initial .80 per share payout on CMKM's Facebook page? I'm shocked! The packages must have been intercepted by Obama/the Justice Department/the Boogeyman. But don't worry, they are being held for "safe keeping", er, wait, they're coming DHL... uhh... well who cares, the money is backed by the US Treasury, it's fine!

The most incredible part is that these masochistic shareholders return to these boards day after day reading rumors, lies and total bullshit expecting the fairy godmother of penny stocks to magically appear in their mailboxes all these years later. Any day now!

What's the good news? CMKM finally filed financial statements going back to 2002 "for the first time in history" according to this shareholder letter from CEO Kevin West.

December 31, 2010

Dear shareholders,
Another year has come to a close and we would like to wish you and your families the very best in 2011.
While the Company has been quiet for the last few months, please know that we are still working daily on litigation and other Company matters moving forward. Although shareholders are understandably focused upon a return on their investment, there has been much that has taken place behind the scenes to help revive and put a foundation under a Company that was left for dead several years ago. In this past year, outside of litigation matters to be updated below, there have been two major corporate accomplishments that have been underway for a very long time…. 1. For the first time in the history of CMKM Diamonds, Inc, all tax periods dating back to year 2002 have been prepared and filed; 2. The company has interviewed and selected a new transfer agent. Even though it is not something that can be measured by shareholders, please be advised that the Company has incurred hundreds of man-hours of time that went into the finalization of just these two projects alone.

Many questions are coming to the Company regarding the issue of a fund to be paid out to shareholders. The Company has publicly stated its position on this matter several times in the past and continues to stick by that position; after several years and countless hours of investigation into the matters surrounding the past history of this Company and the possession of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, the Company has not come across one document indentifying a trust fund held on behalf of the Company or its shareholders.

Many have asked about my position on the matters that Al Hodges is working on. I continue to stand by my previous statements of June 25, 2010. I personally believe that Mr. Hodges is looking out for the best interests of the shareholders and that he believes, without any doubt, in the information that he has shared with you. I have spoken with Mr. Hodges in the last two weeks and although he still cannot share details with me or the Company, I am of the personal opinion that he is still 100% confident in his facts and has not wavered in those beliefs. I have let him know that I am just a phone call away if my help should be needed.

The NEW CO, J/V agreement with 1010 is still a valid opportunity for our company. 1010 and CMKM have worked together throughout the year to develop a business plan however at this time, the Company has been unable to provide the large amount of funds needed to move this venture forward. Mr. Koch has continued to secure the claims that hold potential value for the NEW Co and ultimately the sake of the shareholders.

Please see the litigation update provided by the Frizzell Law Firm to the Company below.

Very sincerely,

Kevin M West
CEO / President

Best of luck, CMKM shareholders. I hope you're not waiting at your mailboxes for that check when you could be out doing much more useful things like, oh, researching the scam that is penny stocks or protecting your remaining assets from your own bad investment strategies.

Oh and just a reminder to any CMKM trolls thinking about commenting here: comments like "you lie", "fuck you, JDA" and/or "hahaha yeah right" are not useful to anyone. If I'm wrong, tell me why. If I'm misguided, show me the way. If I'm right, fuck off and go find something productive to do instead of trolling my website.

And if any of you want in on my next really obvious Ponzi scheme, please let me know.

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

As always, nice post JDA.....

On your follow up to this story can you interview a couple of investors to find out what's wrong with these people. They didn't see this con coming? Did they do any research on the balance sheet of this company before then invested, or are they just throwing cash away?

OldSouth said...

There is no Fairy Godmother that showers wealth from the sky.

If it sounds is.

Pigs gits fed, hogs gits slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

So, if someone is taken advantage of, it is their fault? While I will be the first to say, "Do your due diligence", This doesn't negate the fraud. I see two responses to this article, and both focus on the VICTIMS not the guilty parties. If the investors have 'something wrong with them'....that is a secondary and much smaller issue. The article is biased toward the mindset of....'If I can get something by you....good for me and You are a dumbass'. Personally, I don't see the point of this article.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

What about now