Video: Fed Rent-a-Cops Chase Reporter Off the Lawn

pic credit: JDA the tourist who was just snapping a shot of the Fed, naturally

Is that lawn public property? Is the sidewalk? Is the park across the street? Is that rent-a-cop a real cop? Questions abound.

For the record, I'll have to say that I've had only pleasant experiences with Fed cops and would like to keep it that way, tyvm. We're all just working stiffs out for a buck, right?

Know your rights, kiddies. It is NOT illegal to film federal buildings. If the Fed would like to masquerade as federal, the rules apply to them too.

Via the New York Civil Liberties Union:

In the settlement approved today by a federal judge in Manhattan, , the federal government acknowledges that there are no federal laws or regulations that prohibit photography outside federal courthouses. It agreed to provide federal officers written instructions emphasizing the public’s right to photograph and record outside federal courthouses. The settlement has even broader implications, though.

“Not only will this settlement end harassment of photographers outside federal courthouses, it will free people to photograph and film outside of all federal buildings,” said NYCLU Associate Legal Director Christopher Dunn, lead counsel in the case. “The regulation at issue in this case applies to all federal buildings, not only courthouses, so this settlement should extend to photography near all federal buildings nationwide.

Those of you looking to film regional Fed banks, however, are on your own. They aren't pretending to be federal.

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Number 6 said...

The cops aren't rent-a-cops, they're actually real cops. I did some work at FRBNY. The Fed Reserve cops at FRBNY were basically rude NYPD cops, but specifically charged with protection of the Fed, Fed Governors, or any Fed activity. In addition to all the accoutrements that a police officer carries they also wear a protective mask strapped to their leg (gas mask) probably as a result from the 9/11 mess. When going through their security one can't help notice the typical cop shop postings on the bulletin board - combat pistol practice on Tuesdays, etc. It's a creepy thing having their own PD being the type of organization that it is. The closest situation I can think of where a private / quasi-private company maintains their own PD (as opposed to a community hiring their own private PD) that I know of is the railroad, but they don't have swat teams that carry submachine guns. The fed has 5 swat teams.