Busy Saturday? There's Always Rallying to Save the American Dream

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It's sad that no one has told MoveOn that the American Dream was securitized and sold off to European municipalities and hedge funds in 2006 but for those of you in the Capital Wasteland with nothing to do on Saturday, why not head down to Dupont Circle and protest anyway?

Oh the liberals are so cute when they get all worked into a lather about this stuff. I almost want to go down there and give them all hugs.

Here's the RSVP

Congress has been taken over by corporate lackeys who want to destroy the American dream. The American dream is about fairness and equal opportunity not bank rolling financial institutions with our tax dollars. I pay my taxes and you pay your taxes so why bail out financial institutions and then give them a pass on paying their taxes. The Supreme Court was wrong to give an institution the same rights as individuals and Congress is wrong to enact laws that allow financial institutions to not pay taxes. Now we have Republican governors treading on the rights of the middle class by attempting to take away our collective bargaining rights. Do not let them succeed.

We're standing up for the American Dream and saying that now is not the time to start slashing middle-class jobs in the middle of a recession, in Wisconsin, or anywhere in America. Be there to tell the politicians: Before you shut down the government and punish middle-class working Americans, why not first make the richest of the rich pay their fair share in taxes, just like everyone else?

This is US doing our part in DC to stand in solidarity with those filling up Statehouses around the country. See you there!

Unfortunately JDA is busy Saturday morning barely earning a living wage for "The Man" but will try to show up with the camera, popcorn and an offensive, correctly-spelled, conservative sign after the festivities get going. I anticipate my clever readers will help with suggestions. I've got Sharpies, poster board and a seemingly unlimited supply of shredded money. Go!

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Anonymous said...

Do they still call Dupont Circle "The Fruit Loop" or is that considered gauche these days?