Fake Abe Lincoln Gets Kicked Out of the Lincoln Memorial for Giving Gettysburg Address

Thursday, February 24, 2011 , 1 Comments

pic credit: Historical Tweets

Did you know it is illegal to recite the Gettysburg Address on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? Me neither:

On President’s Day — standing where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech” — Phillip Howell, 25, recited Lincoln’s famous address and was quickly stopped by a Park Police officer. He told Howell that he could not give speeches on the steps of the memorial without a permit.

“He called me Abe, and then I turned around and he said, ‘Do you have a permit?’ I said ‘no’ and he said, ‘well you can’t do that here then,’” Howell told The Daily Caller. “Then I said, ‘I’m just giving the Gettysburg Address, come on, it’s President’s Day.’ And he said, ‘I don’t care what you’re giving, You’re not allowed to do that here. I don’t care what speech or what agenda you want to give.’”

Once not too long ago I was in a certain DC airport bawling my eyes out and was told by TSA that "crying is not allowed in the airport." Perhaps she was trying to lighten the mood and soothe my sobbing soul but when you've got your belongings exposed in an X-ray machine and are shuffling barefoot through a metal detector with your pockets turned inside out, it can be difficult to discern humor from unnecessary authority.

So? Is this about keeping order or just being assholes with a little power?

Peep the video:

Said Fake Lincoln to the Daily Caller "It does seem a little ironic that the ‘Land of the Free’ cannot be so free at times." But he's not butthurt, it's just law and order in the Land of the Free.

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