I'm Only Completely Creeped Out That This is Our Future

Friday, February 18, 2011 , , 2 Comments

How hyper-addicted to the social network are we? So much so that Facebook stalking people we hardly know is not only normal, it's now available in your car.

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Anyone else totally creeped out?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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elf2006real said...

I lived thru the 70's and 80's boy to man. If we could revive our morals and sense from that, we can deal with FB and social networking. Problem is values not technology.

Any tool can be used for good or evil.

Working in online media and using social media to do my job better means I really have to be conscious of my Internet footprint... it also means that I have to put myself out there, like it or not.

It's frightening just how many people put their entire lives out there for all to see (like this guy who I tore apart on my other website without actually meaning to make him look like a total ass) and sign it with their full name.

I saw a BABY on Twitter the other day. An actual baby, photo and full name and all, tweeting away. Obviously his parents think this is cute but they have no concept of privacy.

The funny part is that I'm one of those people who bitches constantly about "The Man" being all up in our business while at the same time twitpic-ing my adventures for the entire world to see. I'm careful about how I do this of course but that's only because I understand the danger of putting it all out there. So many have no clue and are either too lazy or too stupid to care.

I agree with you that it isn't the technology itself that is the problem. We are simply too irresponsible to handle it at this point.

But uh, you sure we had morals in the 80s? I hope you mean 1880s, boy those were good times.