The Rothschilds Quietly Buy the Weather

Oh dear.

WSJ's Deal Journal
Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild said they are buying a majority stake in weather-data service Weather Central L.P., marking a significant expansion of the Rothschilds’ investments into media and information.

The couple’s private-investment company, E.L. Rothschild LLC, is slated to acquire 70% of Weather Central, which provides weather forecasting services and graphics to local television stations and TV programs such as ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

I'll stick to The Fucking Weather thank you very much. And if that doesn't work, there's always sticking my head outside.

Let's all be grateful David de Rothschild has conveniently already published a global warming survival guide so we can all ride this out in one piece while tuned to the media his family controls. I have not seen the guide but can pretty safely assume it does not include a chapter on how to defeat these jackasses trying to hijack what productivity we have remaining with made up carbon taxes and green initiatives.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

Oh they're such good people...not...these guys do evil like jimi hendrix did guitar...phenomenal!..beware...

Rothschild and Freshfields founders linked to slavery

I think that's great! I mean their portfolio already contains 300+ million Americans, most Europeans and a whole lot of the 3rd world. Why not buy the weather too?? I forget, have they purchased the rights to every dyhydrogen monoxide molecule on the planet yet?

Bob English said...

The wife of soon-to-be-ex-Fed Governor Warsh is Jane Lauder, who serves as a director alongside Lady Lynn at Estee Lauder. Warsh continues to serve until March 31. It really is incestuous at the top, but the weather?