TLP: Bad News for Paperboys

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Lots of newspapers have made the switch from print to digital and now pretty much exist online. There's a "newspaper" in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. that is taking that shift a step further. Next week, Rockville Central readers will be able to find news only on Facebook.

So why not read about it neither place, but somewhere else entirely? Like Harvard's Neiman Lab:
Say you run a community news site. In your spare time. And Patch has moved into your neighborhood. How do you, with limited resources but a desire to keep contributing to your community, stay competitive?

One site’s solution: Take the “site” out of “news site.” Starting March 1, Rockville Central, a community news outlet for the DC-area city of Rockville, Maryland, will move its operation to…its Facebook page. Entirely to its Facebook page.

“There are always two different conversations going on,” Cindy Cotte Griffiths, the site’s editor, told me — one on, and the other on the site’s Facebook page. Why force the two to compete with each other, when they’re actually manifestations of the same community? Facebook is, Cotte Griffiths notes, “where the people are.”
The Lazy Paperboy still likes walking to the end of the driveway to pick up an actual newspaper every morning. Sure, I'm also reading news online, too. But is this the way things are headed? Where the choices boil down to whatever The Huffington Post and AOL put together or the Goldman Sachs Gazette, also known as Facebook?

Talk about lazy.

The Lazy Paperboy

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Anonymous said...

I like old moldy newspapers too. Sometimes I'll go out early and dig it out of the snow, brew up a nice cup of Folger's coffee, get out my Iron Butterfly 8-track tape, and read some day old news.