TLP: He's Just an Excitable Boy

It seems pretty obvious that CNBC pays Rick Santelli to spend his days squawking. I find myself constantly muting his loudmouth jive, along with half of what comes out of the mouths of his on-air colleagues. So he had one good rant. Now it just feels like Trying Too Hard.

And maybe Santelli ought to stay on the trading floor. He wandered over to "Meet the Press" on NBC the other day and ended up one-upping U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan — who equated the Wisconsin statehouse protests with the overthrow of the Egyptian government — by dragging 9/11 into the mix. Joe Scarborough was distressed — "Little out of control, to say the least" — and very nearly crossed his arms over the whole matter on his MSNBC show.

Story and clip from The Huffington Post:
Joe Scarborough criticized Rick Santelli, his NBC colleague, for comparing the Wisconsin protests to the 9/11 attacks.

On Monday's "Morning Joe," Scarborough played a clip of Santelli — who works for CNBC and who credits himself with launching the Tea Party movement with his infamous rant in early 2009 — on Sunday's "Meet the Press."

Santelli was discussing the budget deficits in Wisconsin, which the state's governor, Scott Walker, has cited as a reason to strip public sector workers of their collective bargaining rights.

"If the country is ever attacked like it was on 9/11, we all respond with a sense of urgency," Santelli said. "What’s going on on balance sheets throughout the country is the same type of attack."

"Did he just compare this to 9/11, where 3,000 Americans died?" Scarborough asked incredulously. "Did he misspeak? He didn't just compare this battle to 9/11, did he?"
Leaving aside the fact that all of these networks are owned by the same company, it does seem a little overly dramatic. Santelli rants, Scarborough criticizes and the whole incestuous team gets some media attention. It's not a new act: Scarborough went after Olbermann last year over politics and, of course, Olbermann snapped back. Given what happened to him, Santelli may want to keep his head down.

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