TLP: Maybe Young Republicans Was the Wrong Group to Start With

Monday, February 07, 2011 , , 2 Comments

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If Mark Sanford ever decides to get involved in politics again, you have to think he won't do it by speaking to the South Carolina Appalachian Trail Club. Then again, he seems to have made a lot of better choices than Mark Foley.

CNN Political Ticker
Mark Foley may have departed the House of Representatives under a cloud of controversy in 2006, but the former Republican congressman is slowly reentering the political game in Florida.

Foley, who resigned from the House when it was revealed he sent lewd messages to male congressional pages, headlined a meeting of the Palm Beach County Young Republicans last week. According to the group's president, Foley was met with a warm response.

"His speech was wonderful," Young Republicans President Jackie Fay told CNN. "He spoke about the slate of freshman officials in the House and the Senate, how the American public will hold them accountable and not accept things as they were."

Foley also touched on government debt and the importance of the Young Republicans to the national party.
Just a suggestion, but it might be better to stick to talking about Congress and the debt and whatever and steer clear of how much you like young Republicans.

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chairmanben said...

"Foley was met with a warm response."

how fitting!

Could have been the whole reason he went.