Twitter Trolls Find Your Tone Offensive, Mr Culberson

As one such Twitter troll, I have to say I am offended. Lazy bastards, what else do they have to do?

Rep. John Culberson has had it with all the noise on Twitter.

“There’s a lot of trolls on Twitter,” the Texas Republican told POLITICO. “I just got to the point that I was sick and tired of it.”

And he’s not the only one on Capitol Hill who’s fed up with the din.

In 140 characters: “Social media is absolutely a pain in the a—,” a Capitol Hill aide confessed to POLITICO recently. “But that’s the nature of our business.”

First of all, can we PLEASE stop with using "there's" instead of "there are" already? There's is a short version of there is, which wouldn't make sense to say in this context as trolls is plural. And these are the people running our country? I'm ashamed.

I should really tweet about it.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Bob English said...

Minor point, JDA (and made with all due affection): "trolls" is the object of "lot", which itself is singular. Therefore, use of "there's" is correct in this instance.