Big 4 D-baggery Proves to Be Cannibalizing in Going Concern March Madness

My brother from another mother Caleb Newquist put together an interesting twist on March Madness over at Going Concern, pitting the top accounting firms against each other in a democratic contest over who is the coolest. As expected, there was quite a bit of dick swinging among the firms, mostly from PwC until they were pwned by everyone at Reznick Group, who even got their India arm in on the action. Go team! Astute Going Concern readers wonder how many billable hours were wasted in this pursuit but we never judge.

The Big 4, obvious favorites to come out on top, were absolutely slaughtered and tossed out early on. Without a thorough analysis of the numbers, it appears as though each firm voted against the others, except for the PwC kids who likely voted multiple times for their own firm. Oh if only we could all be so proud of our employers.

That leaves Grant Thornton with the highest seed (which got known GC troll GT Partner excited about the possibilities for an early prize) but as we know, anything can happen.

Polls close at 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, giving PwC plenty of time to rally together and smash Reznick out of spite, even if they are already out of the game.

Thank goodness it's busy season and we are all staying busy.


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