UPDATE: Federal Reserve Siege FAIL

How are we supposed to Siege the Fed if no one shows up?

Maybe I got the date wrong because they changed it once but I was out at the Board of Governors in DC this morning bright and early hoping to catch at least a few angry mobs beginning to form and caught nothing. I was lucky enough to get some great shots of the Washington Monument at sunrise as well as the Board looking awfully ominous in the dawn light, its eagle lit up in the darkness against a dark blue sky. But protesters? Nothing.

I mean absolutely nothing. Except for the two Fed cops strolling the grounds as usual and the bureaucrats scattering to their government gigs, there wasn't a single person out there this morning. No one.

Everything I (and, presumably, the authorities) read said 6am but according to The Boston Phoenix, at least Boston Fed festivities are scheduled for 1pm this afternoon.

Listen, if you can't even get the time right how the hell do you expect people to show up?

So either the Siege is still on and I was just too early to catch it or this is an epic fail of a protest as I initially suspected. Did anyone else find it strange how these were supposedly organized by Anonymous? Everyone knows Anonymous doesn't organize; I either smell a rat or a loser movement trying to capitalize on the popularity of both Fedbashing and Anonymous.

By the way, End the Fed in DC on June 3. Now that I will be attending. Better go get the Bernanke 00% t-shirt dry cleaned.

Update: AmpedStatus is showing the following on their site, which claims "they" were not aware of this morning's supposed protest. Frankly I don't know what there is to defend as there wasn't anything going on, at least in Washington:

We can tell you that OpESR is definitely NOT a hoax.

We are unaware / out of the loop on the Federal Reserve siege on the 28th and do not know who originally planned that action. That was done outside of AmpedStatus, however, this is a decentralized movement and non-violent actions against the Fed are encouraged.

If people want us to openly support / spread the word on actions via http://ampedstatus.com/ , feel free to send a private message to this account. Otherwise, we will keep our eyes open for solidarity actions to support.

As of right now, we are supporting actions tomorrow by USuncut against Bank of America: http://ampedstatus.org/network/members/admin/activity/23761

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You can spank me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your 00 % t-shirt still carry the current score?

Two years after I made it? Yes.

I can still beat your ass if you're into all that.

I believe you know where to find my ass.

I'd hate for you to feel like you got up early for nothing.

Anonymous said...

The videos claiming protests on March 24th or 28th were hoaxes. Anonymous has not even decided if ampedstatus or OpESR are legit. In the second video released by ampedstatus there is a secret message in binary code. The code translates to OpESRsixfourteen. OpESR 06/14 is my guess. If you look at the number of views for the seige videos they are pretty low.


I knew the whole thing seemed horribly suspect. Looking at the Siege comments participation seemed low too - and it seemed odd that such a clever group would make such an obvious mistake as to announce illegal activity like preventing movement in or out of PRIVATELY OWNED buildings in front of everyone.

Oh well, at least I got some good ominous shots of the Board before sunrise.

You're still welcome to smack my ass.

I can be there in two hours.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was out there on my own in SF for a few hours. Had a lovely chat with the police but nobody joined me. To call the videos 'hoaxes' is a little rash. Anonymous is everyone, whether you think so or not.

Some are floating the idea that the "protest" was meant to sniff out incendiaries... if that's the case, it sure makes our movement (and I say "our" in true anonymous fashion as anyone is welcome to hate the Fed) look pathetic. That's why I had to make it clear from the gate that I thought this was a dumb idea and would only be at the Board to get pics of Guy Fawkes-masked thugs getting dragged off by DC cops.

I give the SF Fed cops props, they were always nice to us when we did End the Fed in 2008 and 2009. That's because we were always nice back and never suggested violence or even rudeness.

The Board cops are the best though. One let me throw a quarter in their fountain. You know, for good luck. Don't have to tell him what I wished for.

emma said...

As soon as AmpedStatus filled up with uninformed hippies (as opposed to informed ones), bored teenagers, trolls, and tea party extremists, I backed off the idea completely. Seemed too fishy. Hope they come up with something legitimate though. Thanks for posting on this.

Anonymous said...

We were out there in NYC today and had much support from the public.

Expecting a "siege" and throngs of people was a bit much for a weekday.


Try End the Fed (used to be at endthefed.us, now a group on ning). I participated in three protests, starting in November of 2008, and we always had a good, peaceful time. Most of the participants knew what they were talking about and knew what they were doing out there except for the random nutjob here or there. No one tried to hijack our protest and there were all sorts of different people out there in San Francisco, all of whom knew how to conduct themselves in public. ETFs are always on weekends when A) the bank is closed and B) people are more likely to be able to show. There's one coming up in June.

By the time I did my last one in late 2009, participation had definitely waned. 11.22.08 was huge. That was disappointing.

chairmanben said...

Ends malicious rumors, about JDA becoming a born again Fed Fan, after shez spotted dressed as a 'Yellen' church lady.