I, For One, Welcome Our Chinese Overlords

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I just want to say that I'm ready to learn Chinese and run like hell.

See China 'to Overtake US on Science' in Two Years via the BBC:

China is on course to overtake the US in scientific output possibly as soon as 2013 - far earlier than expected.

That is the conclusion of a major new study by the Royal Society, the UK's national science academy.

The country that invented the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing is set for a globally important comeback.

An analysis of published research - one of the key measures of scientific effort - reveals an "especially striking" rise by Chinese science.

Listen, they invented counting and the Tabulation system for unlocking binomial coefficients (damn that's hot), I'm not about to mess with them.

But America invented the catheter, the coffee percolator, donuts and the machine gun. So there.

(via When Giants Fall)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but.... thanks to our leftist educators, our kids can put on c*ndoms better than the Chinese, know how to steal better, and know all about faux global warming/cooling/change/whatever.

So there!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe they will be eating our lunch in science but thanks to our enlightened socialist teachers we can all fell much better about ourselves. And thats what is really important anyway isn't it?

Buddha bless America!

Anonymous said...

Yeah morons that think like you are the reason we gave away 75% of the world solar production to the Chinese and in only 5 years. Green tech is here and the Chinese will clean our clocks if everyone thinks like you. It isnt the lefts fault nor the rights but the ignorant masses of which you are indeed a part of.

W.C. Varones said...


It's JDA's attitude that drives manufacturing to China, not the cheap labor and minimal regulation?

Take another hit on the bong, buddy.

Anonymous said...

2005.... I wish I knew how to make that bold but I haven't got my Green Belt from Sensei Ted yet

For two years, the US has pressured China to raise its currency's value against the dollar, but that pressure has been applied quietly behind closed doors. Yesterday, in a press conference, Secretary Snow made things public.

Secretary JOHN SNOW (Treasury Department): We make the point that it's in China's best interest to reform its system and to do so immediately.

DAVIDSON: For more than a decade, China has kept its yuan stuck at the same fixed exchange rate, 8.28 yuan to the dollar.

Remember him? John Snow? This is from 2005 by the way... NPR.


China's foreign exchange reserves, already the world's biggest, rose by nearly $200 billion in the first quarter to $3.05 trillion. About two-thirds are estimated to be invested in dollars.

Beijing has repeatedly warned that loose U.S. monetary policy threatens the dollar, but it has continued to accumulate dollar assets at the same time, adding about $260 billion of Treasury securities last year, according to U.S. data.

tsk, tsk, tsk... plan your flight and fly your plan but when the environment and weather conditions change, change your plan. They were warned.

Anonymous said...

DAVIDSON: Snow said Congress is contemplating what he calls protectionist policies that will lead to economic isolation. That, he says, will hurt both China and the US. Nouriel Rodini, a professor at NYU and former Treasury Department adviser, said the economic relationship between China and the US is complex. If China revalues its currency before the US lowers its own budget deficit, there will be a steep rise in US interest rates. That will slow down the US economy.

Professor NOURIEL RODINI (NYU): And that slowdown in demand could lead to a very sharp slowdown in US economic growth, what we refer as a hard landing. We could have a US recession, followed by global recession

DAVIDSON: China's minister of Commerce, Bo Xilai, said Snow's report is not reasonable. Treasury Department officials said that if China doesn't act, their next report on foreign currencies, due in the fall, will use even stronger language. Adam Davidson, NPR News.

Everyone had a big handful of everyone else's short and curlys and was saying "I'm gonna pull 'em out by the roots, by Gawd" - a Mexican standoff. A "damned if you do and damned if you don't". A rock and a hard place. A movie reference for you - watch the gunfight at the end of The Wild Bunch to see what I'm saying.

here, I'll go get it for you

Anonymous said...

Warren Oates ROCKS in that movie.

For you youngsters - he was Sgt. Hulka in Bill Murray's "Stripes" - oh, wait that's right you were busy being born when Stripes came out...

Anonymous said...

hey.... c'mon ..... put my Wild Bunch gunfight back...... I'm tellin'!! Mommmm!!!! Adrienne won't gimme back my Wild Bunch gunfight!!!!!

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

the classic Mexican standoff

I got you by the short and curlys, Capitalist American Pig!

No, I got YOU by the short and curlys, overeager newcomer to Capitalism and lending Comrade Chump!

No, I got *YOU* by the short and curlys Western Debt Addled Junkie


You get the picture?

Anonymous said...

In a world where people have problems...

But China has been slow to take the step that would strike most directly at its inflation rate: allowing its currency to appreciate. China kept its currency artificially low to reduce manufacturer’s costs and keep the country’s massive export sector competitive. This requires China to continually buy U.S. dollars and issue more yuan, a policy that expands domestic money supply and fuels inflation pressure.

There are also dangers if China’s slowdown comes too quickly: A significant curtailing of growth threatens to drive down commodity prices and foreign investment, pushing many advanced economies back into trouble. But those broader concerns are taking a back seat to the striking truck drivers, who are growing increasingly frustrated with the rising cost of living.

Other people's problems they overwhelm my mind
They say compassion is a virtue, but I don't have the time

Anonymous said...

Treasury Secretary John Snow said at a hearing on Thursday at the Senate Banking Committee. "I see them as on a path to a full float."

- May 27, 2005 SFGate

Now, let's put on our thinking caps and ask ourselves "If a silver bullet to their inflation problems is simply letting their currency float as opposed to being pegged to the dollar, why in the wide, wide world of sports won't they just let their currency go to a full float and most likely appreciate vs. the dollar?" Hmmmm, it's a conundrum (to borrow a Greenspan phrase), don't you think? Honestly...fish tacos for guests? Dinner parties? Alas, my Rufio is becoming suburbanized... whoa is me.

Anonymous said...

cuddly fed basher!!! WTF?!?!?what's next??? planting tulip bulbs? home made sun tea in the summer time? Adirondak chairs in the back yard? puppies???? God, I'm gonna be sick...

Anonymous said...

You're NOT JDA... you are an imposter... what have you done with the thorny, scornful little black hearted blogger?

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

heartbreaking... even for me couldn't watch the entire thing and really can't imagine such a thing taking place in any American city... not to a two year old.

Fuck these people... God Damned slant eyed, money-grubbing fucking animals...

Oct 13, 5:30pm in a market in the city of Nanhai, a two year old girl Yueyue was hit and rolled over by a van. The driver did not come down to check her but drove over her with back wheels and ran away. Another car passed by and rolled over Yueyue. In the next several minutes 18 people passed by but nobody did anything, until an old lady who collects trash (for a living) moved her to the curb side and shouted for help. Her parents were devastated when they found out what happened.

Anonymous said...

"The people who could be seen on the video passing by the injured Yueyue have recounted being harassed for ignoring her."

funny how people can be turned into money-fucking-grubbing douchebags

The Guangzhou Military District General Hospital said that the 2-year-old girl, Wang Yue, died shortly after midnight of brain and organ failure.

I understand how people want to get their share and take care of their own, but Jesus, Joseph and Mary... how do 18 fucking people completely ignore a toddler that has been run over by two fucking cars? WTF is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

"It's JDA's attitude that drives manufacturing to China, not the cheap labor and minimal regulation?"

It's the relentless, souless pursuit of an ever fatter profit margin that drives manufacturing to China.

here's an example labor costs down but the price (like the song) remains the same??? Well, color me fucking perplexed!!!! From my "No Shit, Sherlock" file - Wake up assholes!!!! Know why business doesn't want a tariff to be imposed on imported shit from China? 'Cause it will penalize a lot of American companies who have moved their production there to use the cheaper labor and fatten their profit margins... it's all about the goddamned fucking margins. Follow the fucking money, dipshits! Slap a tariff on those imported goods and guess what happens? They (American companies) have to either move their production back to the good ole U.S. of A. or face competition from a domestic company that uses American labor that doesn't have to comply with the tariff. It's that fucking simple no matter what some pin-headed, goddamned PhD tells you.

Anonymous said...

"I've been brought up to believe Red Wing boots where THE boots for the blue collar American. My grandpa and pops both swear by them. Naturally, that's the only work boot I buy. Recently the Red Wings I use when I go do field work (soil and water sampling, and the occasional surveying job), gave up the ghost. I got on their website and found a pair that I was interested in. I went into the local store and tried on the pair I thought I would like. All systems go- I walked out with them. I had my other pair for around 8 years. I decided to wear my new boots around the house tonight to get them broken in. I just took them off and had a look at them- noticed on the tongue that they are now made in China. On the plus side, the quality doesn't seem to have went down. However- now that their labor cost has dropped- the price certainly hasn't. Is there any American company, that hasn't sold out to cheap Asian labor?"

For anyone who won't go look at the link. And by the way, if anyone reading this who has NEVER in their lifetime made their fucking living at some point while wearing a pair of work boots still wants to make some sort of bullshit, smarmy assed, pin head rebuttal... I'll go ahead and Counterpoint your Point by saying "Fuck you AND the horse you rode in on."


Anonymous said...

Where the poor little girl was concerned, unfortunately the lion ate the mouse instead of doing the right thing