RSVP: Siege of the Federal Reserve, March 28th

For the record, JDA had no intention of attending this except to take pictures and possibly instigate incendiaries from a comfortable distance (read: munching popcorn) but since it has been rescheduled from March 24th to the 28th, I definitely will be staying home that day. Why?

I'm wholly against the Federal Reserve but also equally against protests that toss in side goals like "Arab freedom" as that tends to dilute the point of the protest in the first place. How lazy are we that we can't have a separate protest to liberate Jordan or whatever it is these organizers are trying to do?

Not to mention the fact that they started planning it just a few short weeks before the event. Please! Some of us still have jobs and things to do, I can't be cruising over to the Board at 6 in the morning on a Monday when I could be spending my time making more FRNs that will be spent before the ink has dried on the paper so I can get the full value out of them. There's no rule that says I can't be both capitalist pig and Fedbasher, duh.

I'm not sure why we would protest the Federal Reserve, the Tea Party AND Middle East tyrant governments at the Fed banks around the country but hey, this isn't my protest. My protest would be slightly more focused and would probably include instructions that involve not attempting to organize in a fashion that might be offensive to the PRIVATE property owners on whose land we are protesting. Last protest I attended at the SF Fed went well but it was on a day the bank was closed and no one suggested we keep Dirty Fed operatives from getting to work on a Monday. Had they, I might have stayed home. Does anyone else realize that this is a one way ticket to jail? I can be much more productive by spending the day holed up in my Capital Wasteland Secret Lair writing about how much of an ass Ben Bernanke is, and will not get locked up for doing so.

Here's another problem I have with this, the organizers have misspelled important destinations like San Francisco and Pittsburgh. I understand that we can't all be grammar geniuses and that's fine (I myself am a sloppy writer and admit to as much, usually between parentheses) but come on, turn on the red squiggly and at least try. It makes us all look bad when those who claim to be on the side of justice and truth do half-assed work like that.

Maybe I'm just too old for big annoying protests. Lord knows this one is annoying.

Anyway, for anyone else interested in possibly getting arrested for fucking with the Fed's large, intimidating cojones, have at it:


These protests are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the UK and all those fighting for their economic and physical freedom in the world. The United States is [in] need of a vocal and physical front; a demonstration that is too broad will fall short. Target the Federal Reserve and the Tea Party. Organize protests at the 12 Federal Reserve banks.

We are under siege by the banks and their cohorts; we are entrapped in moats of debt, and they have turned our government against us. Democracy and liberty erode in the face of their assault. Thus it seems that there is no way to break the insidious monster that slowly strangles our economy, throwing millions into the throes poverty and desperation. Class and money are irrelevant in the eyes of eternity. Stand up for your brothers and sisters who have no voice. Stand up for those who are being silenced. On March 28 we will place the great instrument of those who assault liberty, the Federal Reserve, under siege. We will not back down, and the longer we hold out, the more our ranks will swell, and the more effective we will become. Additionally, Arab leaders empowered by US dollars and equipment continue to abuse human rights and fight against the tide of change. The people of the United States cannot allow this transgression against liberty and democracy to endure. The silence of our government amounts to condoning tyranny and despots. The government does not speak for the people, and thus on March 28 we will make our voice heard. You are inspired, now be the inspiration.

Besiege these institutions in the hopes that:

The Fed Surrenders its Private Status
Quantitative Easing Is Ended
Assumes and Forgives the Debt of Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure
Surrenders Control of the Monetary Supply
The United States Government supports with all its might revolutionaries in:
Saudi Arabia
and where ever else the cries of freedom are met with the fists of tyranny

Gather all the support you can. Reach out to friends. Spread the word. Are you Federally Disturbed by the Federal Reserve?
The Goal: multi-day protest beginning on March 28 (6 AM) that will annoy the hell out of the Federal Reserve
The Means: Place the 12 banks under siege. Allow everybody in however. Peaceful disobedience. Shenanigans. Tomfoolery. Nothing illegal. BEGIN THE SIEGE ON MONDAY MARCH 28. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

Locations (courtesy of the Federal Reserve):

Demonstrations will take place at each of the 12 district banks and the Board of Governors in Washington, DC:
District 1: Boston: 600 Atlantic Avenue
District 2: New York: 33 Liberty Street
District 3: Philadelphia: Ten Independence Mall
District 4: Cleveland: 1455 East Sixth Street
District 5: Richmond, VA: 701 East Byrd Street
District 6: Atlanta: 1000 Peachtree Street NE
Distrcit 7: Chicago: 230 South LaSalle Street
District 8: St Louis: One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza
Broadway and Locust Streets
District 9: Minneapolis:90 Hennepin Avenue
District 10: Kansas City, MO: 1 Memorial Drive
District 11: Dallas: 2200 North Pearl Street
District 12: San Fransisco [sic]: 101 Market Street
Board of Governors:
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20551


If these locations are inaccessible to you, please look here for fed branches that may be closer: Branch locations: Cincy, Pittsburg [sic], Baltimore, Charlotte, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Detroit, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Helena, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, LA, Portland ORE, Salt Lake City, Seattle.

Side note: I've been to the Salt Lake City branch of the SF Fed, it's nothing to write home about. Maybe tweet-worthy but that's another story.

It's obvious something needs to be done and there's nothing wrong with organizing but this certainly is NOT the way to do it (this is how you do it). Someone call me when a real protest is happening, or just come out and say hello next time I'm handing out Stop Bernanke bumper stickers and informational flyers in front of the Board in DC all on my lonesome.

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