Steve Jobs Blocks iPhone Radiation Detection App

Many of us are aware of the risks associated with cell phone use but choose to be terminally attached to our devices anyway. One group developed an iPhone app that would measure the amount of radiation emitted from the device, a useful tool for anyone curious whether or not they'll have their brain chewed away by cancer 25 years from now.

Why would Steve Jobs personally block this app? After all, the gay cure app got approved by Apple, didn't it? And didn't it take a whole army of angry LBGT folk to get it pulled?

Via Betanews:

"After encouraging discussions with iPhone executives at Apple Cupertino headquarters, their generous compliments about our application functionality and graphic appeal weren't enough to sway the executive decision to reject tawkon from the app store," said CEO and Co-Founder of tawkon, Gil Friedlander.

Friedlander tried to appeal to Jobs in an email explaining why tawkon is a useful and constructive application, but Jobs' reply was brief, and to the point.

"No Interest."

Because of this, tawkon today has released their iOS app for Cydia, an iPhone Jailbreak.

"We believe it is every phone user's fundamental right to know the level of radiation they're exposed to, and to take precautionary measures if they see fit. tawkon makes it easy for people to use their iPhone with lower exposure to cellphone radiation," Friedlander said Wednesday.

The following video explains the "death grip," and clearly shows how iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones emit higher levels of radiation when searching for a signal.

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