Thank God, CPA Exam Scores are Finally on Their Way

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 , , , 0 Comments

In case you missed the biggest issue for CPA exam candidates since the exam went computerized in 2004, I suggest you check out the following Going Concern post (comments and all) for a really long and unnecessary refresher. Thankfully I'm a big girl and can handle a little Internet bitchfight, knowing most of the vitriol was, in fact, directed at the AICPA and not at all at me, even though it may have appeared that way.

And then check out this poor bastard who ended up on JDA (twice) looking for information on his damn CPA exam scores:

Funny what a difference a week makes.

Thankfully, just as patience was wearing thin, the AICPA released 9491 FAR scores to NASBA last night.

Let the floodgates burst forth, my friends. I hope this means we can all hug it out and get back to business.

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