TLP: Facebook Credits, Not Just For Dorky Virtual Gifts and Farmville Anymore

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 , , , 1 Comments

facebook monopoly
So, Facebook already seems omnipresent. Buzzing on your smartphone, offering creepy stalker assistance in your car, helping you comment on the Internet, being your newspaper ... why not have it turn into your movie theater and bank at the same time?

Warner Brothers became the first major media company to offer a movie for rent on Facebook, a move that could position the social network to become a force in the digital distribution of movies, rivaling services like Netflix and iTunes.

Warner said on Tuesday that it would allow Facebook users in the United States to rent the film “The Dark Knight” directly on the social networking site, and pay for it using Credits, Facebook’s virtual currency. If other studios make similar moves, Facebook could tap a significant revenue stream, bolstering its Credits currency as it seeks to create a rival to PayPal and other payment systems.
You can see where this is going, as more and more people let their asses wear a groove in their La-Z-Boys (note to editor: you are welcome expected to continue letting your ass wear a groove in your lazy boy) no one will have to move to do anything. Movies, news, music, shopping, banking, probably take-out food, even what passes for "conversation" between supposedly living beings. All on the screen in front of you and increasingly at a price.

The trick will be finding the right balance so that the consuming creatures still can manage to do something productive to pay for it all.

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chairmanben said...

Gave me an idea, sell US Treasuries to Facebook, then everyone can sit comfortably in their La-Z-Boys watching sponsored movies.

Even JDA will approve this.